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Updated: Jul 17, 2022


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of manscaping is probably shaving your hairy ball sack. Manscaping, however, extends beyond simply shaving your balls. Merriam-Webster defines manscaping as "the trimming or shaving of a man's body hair to enhance his appearance."

No part of the body is off-limits when it comes to mowing your man's lawn. A 2018 study by a Chicago skin firm found that 75% of men trim their chests and backs. The manscaping trend is gaining momentum for a variety of reasons (the viewing of porn is a major one), but that doesn't mean a thing most of the time.

Nearly half of men have suffered cuts and other injuries while grooming, some of which required medical attention. When we heard this news, we knew we had to create an ultimate manscaping guide. Whether you’re trimming the hedges to reduce irritation, show off your muscles, or make your junk look bigger. Thus the reason The Shavemster was born

Manscaping Tools that we use are:

  1. Clippers: If you have excess hair in the area you want to manscape, clippers are used to remove and fade and blend the pubic hair.

  2. Disposable Razor: To make it skin close

  3. Powder to insure a glide experience and added closness

How to Manscape Your Chest

If you choose to shave your chest, we start with a #1 or #2 clipper.

You can leave your chest hair at a #2 clipper length if you don't want a hairless chest. Any shorter and you risk getting a prickly chest, which is a nightmare if you have coarse, dense hair.

How we Manscape Your Back

We use clippers and then a razor with powder ... so your skin will be smooth for up to six weeks before you need to worry about it again.

How we Manscape Your Pubes

If you have a full-blown bush below the belt, hit it with a #1 or #1 clipper length. For about half of men, this is as manscaped as it gets. However, if you want to go hairless, we razor and powder.

How to Manscape Your Balls

If your balls are completely covered in hair, we gently trim them with clippers, but beware not to clip your sensitive skin.

With the razor in one hand and the other hand to pull your scrotum skin taut to ensure a close shave .... Powder is used again when shaving

We Slowly guide the razor downward using short, slow, gentle strokes until all the hair is gone.

How to Manscape Your Gooch Taint.

Otherwise known as your perineum, grundle, . The patch of skin between your butt and balls is home to hair that festers with sweat and fecal remnants. Accordingly, grooming your gooch can cut back on stank and keep your undercarriage clean.

Whether you choose to trim or shave, follow these four steps:

razor or clippers. You are on your back legs in the air.

Keeping our hands steady, groom with the grain of your hair.

If you can’t decide whether to go full bush, bare, or somewhere in between, follow the Law of Pubic Proportions: Your gooch hair should never be longer than the rest of your pubic hair.

How to Manscape Your Butt

Shaving will make you as bare as a baby’s bottom, but that five o’clock shadow on your hindquarters means bad chafing.

If you choose to Trim ... Just make sure you don’t trim too short, otherwise, it’ll feel like you’re sitting on a cactus all day.

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