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A little hair is fantastic, but when it starts to appear as if Don King's 'do is residing in the Calvin's, it's time for some pubic pruning. Not only do surveys show that the standard is preferred men neat and tidy -- it's also a hygienic advantage since body hair is the ultimate home for odor-causing bacteria.  Much like a Brazilian wax procedure, manzilian, a contraction of "male Brazilian", or "brozilian". ... However we use clippers and razors which is far lest intrusive to the skin and it last up to 6 weeks.


The other big advantage of a tidy trunk line is the addition of an "optical inch." To cut those oversized "pubic enemies" down to size, the simplest thing to do is invest in a visit to THE SHAVEMSTER.

Management is not responsible for any reactions to the client's skin from services that they may choose to receive.

We always aim to provide a high standard of care in all our services.

The clients’ views are important to us and help to ensure our services are consistently meeting people’s needs. If you are unhappy with any of our services it is important that you let it be known.


Making a suggestion

Often people feel more comfortable about suggesting improvements rather than complaining formally. Anyone receiving services, and their friends/ family, may make a suggestion.


Waxing is never an option to removing pubic hair from the penis and scrotum...the skin is far too sensitive and thin. As a result, careful shaving the pubic area is the only option to achieve manscaping below the belt. Manscaping refers to trimming the pubic hair surrounding the male genitalia and anus...process takes approx 45 min.


For sanitary reasons, pubic hair should always be present odorless, clean, tidy, trimmed and never wild bushy or curly. The pubic hair should always appear controlled and neat--never visibility protruding beyond one's boxer briefs'


The Back
All the GQ experts we consulted agree: Back hair is never sexy. "We never negotiate on that," says THE SHAVEMSTER"


We'd rather you didn't mess with your armpits, but if your hair is poking out of short-sleeve shirts, or creating a bush when you're wearing a tank top, it's time to take action.

The bicep and shoulders need to be bare. If you're showing off the guns, or if your hair grows in different patterns on the shoulders--it's okay to take a little off.


Natural legs on dudes is more of the way to go, but if you're particularly hairy, a little buzz wouldn't hurt to take out some volume.


The Danger Zone
Yup, we're going there. Warning: This section is not for the faint of heart.


Battling a Stinky Sack and "Bat Wings"
It's widely known that the male groin has a distinctive (if not universally appreciated) aroma. This musky smell is largely a result of the concentration of apocrine sweat glands in the region, some of which produce a modified form of sweat that some people find sexually attractive (hmmmmmm?). Unfortunately, after a hard day's work, these odors can become more toxic than intoxicating.


The solution? A quick dust with a refreshing talc-like powder designed just for 'the boys'. Not only will such powders keep the fellas clean and fresh, but they're also a great solution for "batwings" -- the unfortunate affliction were a sweaty sack temporarily bonds to the thighs. Application is simple – just sprinkle or spray a moderate amount of this miracle powders in the ole' boxer briefs and then hit the road.


The Bush
It's good to be groomed in this area, is now the male standard. You want to get the volume down, but keep some hair. The surrounding area, around the legs and pelvis, is a matter of preference.


The Balls
Keep it smooth. The new GQ male standard


The Shaft
The same goes for hair growth up the shaft. Getting rid of hairs in that region, especially when it's concentrated closer to the base, will do wonders for you aesthetically. Optical illusions, anyone? Twice.

The Shavemster believes in the power of charity; to that end, all services are via the suggested donation. I am sponsoring MARR Mid America Rottweiler Rescue  Come get a manscaping or body trim and donate (donations are NOT required to enjoy services) * if you desire a complimentary service send your name and email address to my contact email and I will issue a certificate for a complimentary service for use upon your visit to THE SHAVEMSTER. Thank you for helping. 

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