The Shavemster became into existence over 15 yrs ago at a Motel 6 in San Antonio TX. I then realized that there was a void in the Male Grooming Market ... and that there was no hair removal venue design exclusive for Male Grooming and not a waxing studio; many of which are designed for a woman and have issues grooming men. Not to mention that if the professional is not comfortable performing men's services, then you as the client could end up being hurt as a result of their lack knowledge and confidence. This is why THE SHAVEMSTER was created ... to serve the men who need Manscaping.


Got a Question I may have an Answer

Here is a list of my most asked questions. Everything ABOUT THE MANSCAPING PROCEDURE, Can't find what you're looking for

Text 407-494-7425.


What exactly is a "manscape"? 


This is the most popular service. The hair is removed either entirely from the groin area, or just in specific areas. Let's just speak plainly ... the hair around the shaft, testicles, perineum and around the anus, is all removed. 


What will people think of me?


They'll probably think you're IN VOGUE, cool and smooth. Seriously though..this studio is absolutely non-judgmental. Everything in between and outside of the known spectrum, whatever you identify as it doesn't bother me. I offer the services of hair removal and I am not concerned about what body it's attached to. 


IF I AM IN YOUR TOWN  I AM AT LOCAL HOTEL  running shaves via appointment times.


*** To schedule, an appointment now requires pre-payment.

1. I have never Manscaped before, does it hurt?

NO ... it is smooth and non-intrusive. It the same level of feeling as shaving your face


2. Will it get bumps, red or swollen?

Yes, and NO, simply put we are closely shaving areas that are sensitive and or not shaven on a regular basis. Redness does occur however generally disappears in about 20 minutes to an hour.  You will not "swell" however you may have what looks like red bumps this is perfectly normal for some first-time groomers and will disappear.


3. May I bring someone allowed during the appointment?

No sorry ... this is a one on one procedure and watching or photographing during a session is not done.


4. I have never been groomed by a guy before.

Well, that's unfortunate. I am one of the most thorough Manscaper professionals on the market. With my professionalism and cool - calm demeanor, I am quite possibly the best you will find. I have over 15 years in the manscaping industry. Lucky you found me.


5. I want to try the cock, pubes and or taint area, what can I expect?

That is the top of your pubic area, your hacky sack, your shaft and your inner thigh. or if you like Whole Junk Area is the full Monty, it includes everything from the cock & Balls plus your butt crack. This will leave you feeling clean and oh so smooth. And just remember the shorter that grass is down there the bigger it looks, oh those optical illusions...


6. What Happens if my Woody.... Well Gets a Woody?

Hey, it happens, after all, someone is moving things around down there, but trust me it is handled professionally without embarrassment and draped with a towel.


7. Can I take it for a test drive after the manscaping is done?

NO, It is recommended to waiting at least 24 hours before you put it in, place it around, or play hide and seek with it. Visiting the gym is also a not recommended. Any excessive sweat may cause irritation.


8. I am not really sure that I want someone touching my Crown Jewels?

That's cool, however, I am certain that once you groom and scape you'll never go back to being a hairy beast.


9. Do you have a Pic?

Yes, top right-hand corner of this business card located below ... are there others  NO.

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Terms & Consent for Manscaping Shave and Clipper Treatments:


You must be over 18 years of age and submit accurate information about yourself in order to schedule a treatment. The Grooming Service you receive will be provided by a Trained Professional and is only for the basic purpose of aesthetic appearance enhancement.


If you experience any pain or discomfort during the manscaping session, you understand it is your responsibility to immediately inform the person giving the treatment so that the treatment can stop.

You further understand that the person giving the treatment, is not an esthetician, or trained in cosmetology, and has no professional training or license for hair or skin care. Also, the person giving treatment has no professional medical training and should not be construed as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment.

You also understand that the person giving your treatment reserves the right to refuse or  cancel for weather or traffice and or any unexpected and without warning reason or  to perform services if he/she thinks you may have a condition for which the treatment is contraindicated. Any illicit or sexually suggestive remarks or  ... dur 30 pm to 800g rush hour traffic   which is 3made may result in termination of the treatment session. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not schedule a treatment appointment.

11. THE SHAVEMSTER takes your privacy seriously. We will not, Share, Sell, or Exploit your personal information. Management is not responsible for any reactions to the client's skin from services that they may choose to receive.


Although you will need to complete an intake form, both for insurance purposes as well as State Law requirements, this information is kept secure, private, and confidential. 

By Booking and reserving with a credit card, you are agreeing to this and web page policies. 

The booking system we use is "Cloud Based" and On-Line, you will only ever receive a Text or E-mail from us when scheduling your appointment, once when the appointment is booked another text or email will be sent (24 hours before or less) with a reminder or any appointment changes. 

We use Square Online Appointments for our scheduling system. This requires you to put in your Credit Card information along with your First name, Last name, Phone number, and Email address.


The information is kept secure and private through Square's Database and is never shared with any parties, other than The Shavemster. Your credit card information is never shared with any business, person, place, or thing including.


Credit Cards stay on file for up to 14 days after the appointment ON THE SQUARE PLATFORM after that your credit card information is deleted.


The Shavemster never has your Credit Card Information nor access to this information, although credit cards are required to RESERVE your appointment at no time will your card be charged unless authorized by you or there is a failure to follow the cancelation policy set out below. 



Please note that I am by APPOINTMENT ONLY!




Travel Charges:

Included in the charges for outcall service at your home or hotel is 
40 miles round trip.  ADDITIONAL miles in excess of ( 40 miles)will be charged at a rate of $1.oo per additional mile.  My studio zip code is used in computing additional charges...  ZIP CODE 63104.  GOOGLE MAPS is used for the mileage information.

Here are the details about booking with me.

Pre-Booking is always recommended, as I am by appointment only.

Arriving Late - An allowable 10 Minute window, anything after 10 Minutes and you will need to reschedule your appointment (you are considered a NO Show after 10 minutes).


Same Day Availability, this is a first come first serve basis. .

Cancellations I require a 4-hour cancellation notice, not informing me of your cancellation 4 hours prior results in 50% charge of services selected.


No Call or No Show results in your information being stopped and you will not be able to book with me again (you are considered a NO Show after 10 minutes).


First and Last name is required for booking as well as a Phone Number and Email Address.

If you will be using a fictitious or fake name? MAN UP! I only work with GROWN Adults who are RESERVING TIME for a legit service, not Amateur BUTT HOLES!


A Credit Card is REQUIRED to RESERVE your appointment. In the event, you do not cancel or reschedule your appointment within 4 HOURS, your credit card will be CHARGED the A 50%-SERVICE FEE, which I will apply to a future Appointment.


Thank you,


[The Shavemster ]