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Know Your Worth

Being a GROOMER and in the MANSCAPING, GROOMING BUSINESS, this hits home. Everyone should read this because it is nothing but true.


SALON GROOMER: "$175 Dollars."

CUSTOMER: "That's WAY too expensive for this job!!"

SALON GROOMER:: "How much do YOU think it would cost?"

CUSTOMER: "No more than $80 Dollars - MAX!! It's a simple job!"

SALON GROOMER:: "I can't prioritize my time for so little."

CUSTOMER: "People in your line of work are so greedy."

SALON GROOMER:: "Sorry you feel that way. Why not do it yourself?"

CUSTOMER: "But... but... I don't know how to do any of this."

SALON GROOMER:: "For $90 Dollars, I'll teach you EXACTLY how to get this done. Then you can spend $60 for clippers and supplies to do the job and you'll still be saving $25 Dollars - PLUS... you'll get the knowledge and experience for the next time you want to do a job yourself."

CUSTOMER: "Deal!! Let's do it."

CONTRACTOR: To get started you'll need tools. So you'll have to buy a clipper, razors, gels, powder, gloves, and a few other things."

SALON GROOMER:: "But I don't have all this equipment and I can't buy all of these for one grooming"

CONTRACTOR: "Well then for another $10 more I'll let you rent my tools... and you'll still be saving $15 Dollars."

CUSTOMER: "That's cutting into my savings. But I'll rent your tools."

SALON GROOMER:: "Okay! I'll be back on Sunday and we can start."

CUSTOMER: "Wait. I can't on Sunday. I only have time today."

SALON GROOMER:: "Sorry, I only give lessons on Sunday, because I have to prioritize my time and my tools have to be at other jobs with other clients all week long.

CUSTOMER: "Okay!! I'll sacrifice my family plans on Sunday."


CUSTOMER: "Ummm... ya know... I've been thinking. It's probably best if YOU get this job done. I'd rather pay someone to get it done correctly than go through all the hassle.

SALON GROOMER: "Smart move, book an appointment please get out of the way so I can work."


When you pay for a GROOMING, you pay not only for the supplies used, but you are also paying for:

- Knowledge

- Experience

- Services

- Time

- Punctuality

- Accountability

- Professionalism

- Accuracy

- Labor

- Sacrifices

- Safety and Security

One should never denigrate a professional's work by judging the price, especially when they don't know all the elements and costs involved in the work.

It is impossible to haggle over services you don't actually know how to do. For the same price as a Happy Meal from McDonald's, you can't get a high-quality gourmet dinner party. A skilled person who KNOWS their worth is nothing to be mad at.

Make smart decisions. Count on a reputable professional. Never forget how important quality is.

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