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Gentelmens guide to summer time Manscaping

Summer is the season for showing more skin, whether you're hitting the beach or just enjoying the warm weather. As a man, it's important to maintain a well-groomed appearance, but finding the right balance can be tricky. This guide will help you achieve a tasteful, natural look from head to toe, so you can feel confident and comfortable all season long.

Haircut: Keep it fresh and cool with a shorter summer cutbget a tight fade or take it down to a #0 on the sides for a clean, low-maintenance look.

Chest: Work with your natural hair pattern. If you're quite hairy, trim and tidy things up, but don't remove all the hair. For sparser hair, pluck or shave any stray hairs the night before going out.

Back: Back hair is generally best removed.


Underarms: A little underarm hair is acceptable, but have trim any excessive length that peeks out when your arms are at your sides.

Arms: Keep your biceps and shoulders smooth by trimming, then blend into the hair on your forearms using a guard.

Legs: Embrace your natural leg hair, trimming only if it's excessively long or thick.

Groin Area: The key areas – pubic region, scrotum, and shaft – require grooming.

Butt: tidy up any unwanted hair, including between the cheeks and trailing onto the legs.

Remember, the goal is a well-groomed but natural look ... enlist professional help . With some basic grooming, you'll be feeling cool, confident, and summer-ready.

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