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My new salt water set up

Well, my new hobby is on the way with my Nano Cube Salt Water fish tank of 12 gallons. I got a bargain I could not refuse on Craigs List Market Place.

So earlier this week the tank cycled after about 2 weeks and a lot of nurturing and the wait. On Friday I came up the Salt Water Fish Dealer which is in a town about 15 miles from where I reside. I left with 2 new fish Hummer Hummer Trigger, and a Clown Fish Trigger and live coral.

Today, in between Grooming Appointments with THESHAVEMSTER.COM I got a water specimen and drove off to the Dealer for the water test and 1 additional fish.

Upon arriving I was greeted and off to the lab area with the sample, they went for a test. Matt walked me around and we found a new Orange Clown Fish when all of a sudden that dreaded alarm when off Jon your Nitrates are off the chart, "THE RECOMMENDED TREATMENT FOR THIS IS ....!!!"

So .

I ended up getting a pail of 5 gallons of Reverse Osmosis water and instructions for the first major water change. I also was told to return for more water sample test in the morning.

Out the door, I went with the fish, coral and pail of water. and a smile to return tomorrow.

Which reminds me all of my regulars need to return to get your per Labor day early fall grooming.

See you all soon again.


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