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Utmost Manscaping

While male grooming and manscaping has been an accepted practice for years, the idea of a full Brazilian—or the removal of all pubic hair using clippers and razors—has seen a surge in only the past two or three. Men in Everywhere—straight and gay alike—are increasingly opting for specialty grooming services that until recently might have been considered taboo or for women only, specialists say. Here at THE SHAVEMSTER, for example, I have seen requests for pubic grooming / manscaping rise 60 percent during the past year. On top of that, some guys are going a step further and ordering a procedure in which glitter tattoos, colorful dyes or small jewels are applied around their genitals. Shavemster said appointments for that technique—known alternately as bedazzling, manjazzling or pejazzling—are scheduled at another of The Shavemster recommended colleagues business about once a week. And while specific statistics on the manscaping industry's male clientele aren't available, JC's experience is hardly unique. Whether a reflection of media images of hairless men, a reaction to a significant other's requests for a smoother treatment or just a matter of general hygiene, the male Brazilian is big business, according to The Shavemster. Prices for the service vary. At Tease, it costs about $53 for Pubic Sculpting."Men are just being more conscious of grooming," said JC, adding that there's no real target demographic for the service. "A lot of times people associate gay men [with] getting Pubic Sculpting, but all men are getting manscaping services." Male clients have ordered grooming services since The Shavemster opened 14 years ago, but it's only been in the past three years that demand has climbed. Many times, men come in for one service and end up adding more."If you want your cheeks, that's extra," he said.

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