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Today's Manscaping

Back in the day's men’s hair removal began and ended with the Sunbeam Shavemaster. Now a days, not only are modern men obliged to regularly tend to the whiskers on their face, there also expected to be the "Shavemster" of his (hairy) domain below the neck. Todays Girlfriends, boyfriends and the grooming industry has decreed that there’s such a thing as too much chest hair, that tidying up one’s private areas are the standards of good manners and that pretty much no one likes or accepts a hairy back.

In response, more men are coming to THE SHAVEMSTER As A Solution,—to obtain the services necessary to achieve the correct just-right level of “furriness” for them. Between 2005 ad 2014 the results of a Study of Men’s Grooming Appliances and Tools, on removing hair below the neck went from only 5% and soared to 39%!

Still, there’s progress to be made, and a whole sector of males needing and wanting manscaping, yet stopping short of actually stepping into their neighborhood salon or spa. According to experts, all these guys need is a little encouragement, some practical guidance and a safe place to receive services. VISIT THE SHAVEMSTER TODAY and enjoy the new profoundness of a well-groomed body.

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