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Our new generation has declared war on pubic hair. For a long time, men have been celebrating those who conquer their pubic hair. It didn’t take long for that to turn around, and men are expected to keep it clean down there also. It’s not the worst thing. Reducing pubic hair increases comfort. It can also make you feel sexier and more confident. When you factor the thumbs up or thumb down, there are many compelling reasons to go ahead and groom and maintain by MANSCAPING the downstairs. Then again, you might have some concerns. Many areas of our anatomy have some kind of purpose or other. Is this the case with our pubic hairs, or do trimming and shaving come at a cost to our health? These are worthwhile questions to ask ... However, no one is completely sure. The Barrier Pubes can make it harder for substances that contain bacteria or other antigens from traveling to your junk. Pubic hair is not the primary line of genital defense in modern society (although it might help protect your virginity). Clothing does a better job, so the barrier theory is possibly not correct A lot of reasons a caveman might need pubes don’t apply once you have quality threads on your body. Warmth Now we have the inverse. Pubic hair as a source of warmth For a guy, the balls hang free. They get a lot less direct body heat, so having a natural fur coat makes a lot more sense. That said, the majority of the pubes aren’t around the balls. They’re above the whole system, so how much heat are pubes trapping? In either case, we wear clothes now. Pubic heating is no longer a major concern for humans as a species. Cushion for the Pushin’ This is a real thing. There is actual scientific research that is trying to explore how pubic hair impacts sex itself. The basic premise is that pubic hair provides a physical cushion during sex that helps protect people while they get at it. Scientists are trying to measure how much it reduces direct impact and friction. In a moment of intense passion, one knows how little defense pubic hair has to offer. In the case of intense or vigorous sex, pubic hair is A few hairs aren’t padding anything. As for friction, how many of you have received grinding burns from sex? It’s not a common problem. The only parts that have issues with friction aren’t covered in pubes. Also, we live in a post-KY society. If this is the reason for pubic hair, it’s ok to give it a trim. You won’t miss it. Pheromones Science suggests that pubic hair helps promote the effects of sexually stimulating pheromones. Pheromone production is part of promoting sexual reproduction. When one get aroused, evidence suppoets that they naturally ramp up the production of sexual pheromones. If you think back to a clothes-less society, you can easily see why pubic hair might be useful. When the pheromones are secreted, they are diffused across the hairs. This keeps prolongs the effectiveness of the chemicals and makes the process more efficient. Pubes can act like a cell phone tower to broadcast to anyone around you that you’re ready to get down and dirty. It seems pretty legit, but once again, modern developments mitigate the necessity of pubes. In most cases, you’re wearing two layers of clothing between your pheromones and anyone who might receive them. Pubes just don’t matter for that. More importantly, there was the development of cell phones and now one has a smartphones. When one is in the mood, there are far more effective ways to broadcast that and find someone to reciprocate. Hygiene The final theory on pubes has to do with hygiene. This is probably the weakest theory of all. Even in an ancient sense, naked humans aren’t necessarily going to be cleaner because they have pubes. You don’t need to be told that pubic hair can get pretty unpleasant. It’s also necessary to spread pubic lice (also known as crabs), and other bad things can get trapped in the hair. There are plenty of cases where it makes you decidedly less hygienic. That said, there is a small amount of research to support this concept. It comes down to a basic observation. As Manscaping AKA pubic grooming has increased in popularity, incidences of chlamydia have also increased. Studies that look at other STIs are less conclusive, but this one trend holds. Here’s the thing, though. There’s no reason to assume that pubic hair is the reason for the change. It’s far more likely that people who trim are simply getting more action. With that action comes a certain risk. The lesson here isn’t to wrap your tool in pubes; it’s to wrap your tool in latex. Therefore if you want the benefits of manscaping your junk, then have at it ... It's NOT GOING TO SHAVE ITSELF. There’s no real medical explanation that suggests manscaping is bad for you. So, until we tackle the next great mystery of life, feel free to KEEP YOUR JUNK FRESH.

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