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My first time getting ... Manscaped

So I got another first and bucket list item, this weekend. I got my first nonwax manscaping with clippers and razor. I’ve been thinking about getting it done for a while, but was always nervous about the embarrassment and not sure where to go for a good job. I’m not very regimented with my manscaping because I’m in a bit of a dry spell since my last break up. Last weekend when I was hanging out with this a few guys that I’m friends with and they were going on about how they both go to a certain Manscaper who runs a home base service in The Soulard Area.

The home salon is run by JC, a professional and very informative guy. so that helped with some of the awkwardness for me, he actually almost exclusively has male clients. So because I was sick of shaving and wanted to try something new, I booked an appointment with The Shavemster

The guy was graceful and friendly, but professional. He went to it with practiced ease. I, however, was unprepared for exactly how embarrassing or if there be any pain involved. About 5 minutes in we both had a laugh as how much I was at ease and exactly how it was described to me. My fears of getting excited were needless, there was no chance of that happening as he executed the procedure precisely without any uncomfortableness.

When it was completed I dressed and left very fulfilled with a new look and attitude. The service will keep for about 5 weeks before the next will have to be done.

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