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Manscaping your Junk and the Designs

Manscaping Groin Designs That Will Make Look and Feel Amazing. Manscaping can be serious business. Until it’s not. Here at THE SHAVEMSTER, we know that KEEPING your Junk trim and clean is important to you, the modern man, but there’s no reason not to inject some fun into this male grooming business. That’s why we’re bringing you groin designs some standard and some that are creative that will make you laugh. The idea of creating patterns and art into your pubic bush seems so, so wrong until you see what’s actually possible. When you do, you’ll always want to get caught with your pants down instead of the opposite. First, let’s talk about how to get grooming if you haven’t already started a grooming routine. The Shavemster has devoted itself to below-the-belt grooming and to the health of a man’s Junk and surrounding areas. While increasing your awareness you may or may not know that manscaping is directly related to men’s sexual health. By taking care of the skin and hair in your groin area, you can help reduce bacteria that can lead to health conditions like HPV and crabs. Less serious, but still annoying, manscaping also increases your skin health, reducing the chance of redness, inflammation, and irritation. The Shavemster implements the proper tools and product line devoted to helping you, a modern dapper dude, keep his junk fresh, clean, and attractive, instead of unhappy, wilted, and stinky. Excited yet? And Please don’t be intimidated -- it doesn’t take long repetitive laser treatments or painful waxing sessions to trim, shave, and achieve the amazing looks and effects in your package areas. Using a male grooming kit like the Perfect Package makes it easy. Just book an appointment time with THE SHAVEMSTER ... He will go over the proper services you need. Then I’ll talk about manscaping art with manscaping your JUNK designs that will make you feel like a Roman Guard.

now the part that you’re all waiting for -- the manscaping groin designs that will make you laugh. This collection of groin designs comes from the annals of the Manscaped office, assorted manscaping mavens, and anything-but-average Joe’s just like you. The Original - For the standard guy who doesn’t want to stand out too much, we have the original, a quadrangle pubic patch. The Landing Strip - Just like the ladies, sometimes the dudes like a clean, neat landing strip. The Energy Blt - Show your Greek godly side with this lightening bolt sure to electrify your bedmate! Hot Spot - Need a real connection? Then make one with the hotspot design! With My Love - Wear your heart on your groin with this romantic design shaved right into your crotch! Right to the Point - If your partner can’t find the pleasure points, make it easy for him or her with this straightforward arrow, pointing down, obviously.

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