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How to treat your balls right.

All males have had chafing balls ... anyone who states differently is either lying or might want to see a doctor. It’s one of the few afflications of our existence, and it has plagued us throughout history. Some scholars suggest that wars have been ignited over the short temper that often accompanies this unique pain. Others will acknowledge that chafing balls are probably the leading obstacle to your professional and personal advancements. Thankfully, there is a cure. It’s called Talcum.

The Wizardry of Talcum

We speak about talcum a lot at The Shavemster. But, rather than just tell you how and why it is wonderful, it’s time to discuss how it actually works. Fasten your seatbelts, boys, because today we are going to get pretty scientific.

Talcum is usually found in powder form. It technically derives from magnesium silicate, which is chalik-like in appearance but quite different in effect. Talcum works as an astringent. This causes skin and tissue to mildly constrict. While those words sound a little scare, remember the talcum powder is the same thing as baby powder. The constriction is small and painless, but it’s an important part of the process. Constricted tissues reduce the presence of micro wrinkles. This makes the skin a little smoother and dramatically reduces friction. In other words, you won’t chafe so much.

The next advantage of astringency is that it helps control moisture buildup. With fewer small folds in the outer layer of skin, there is less room for moisture to hide. Generally speaking, this can help skin remain dry. In the case of your swamp region, it won’t lead to dryness, but it will prevent the excessive conditions scientifically known as swamp crotch. The moisture control helps the deodorant prevent strong odors from brewing. This is arguably more important than smelling nice in the first place.

So, now you are aware how the talcum helps your balls

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