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High -Tech Urinal is Set to Take Men's Personal Hygiene to a New Demotion.

A hi-tech urinal is being developed to automatically wash and dry the penis after urination. Currently in its prototype stage, Urinary 2.0 is the brainchild of by biochemist Eduard Gevorkyan, economist Ivan Giner, and coach Miguel Angel Levanteri.

The ultra-modern bathroom fixture is equipped with programmed sensors which activate its cleaning and drying mechanisms when the user has finished urinating. As soon as one of the sensors detects that the user is done peeing, soapy water is automatically administered for three seconds to clean the penis.

After washing, another sensor activates the drying function and, like a bathroom hand dryer, it blows the area dry in three seconds. According to the inventors, both the washing and drying processes are climate-controlled and are set to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter to prevent any temperature-related discomfort while using.

The hands-free operation makes Urinary 2.0 as hygienic as can be. Furthermore, the inventors are proud to say that the system adapts to any user, regardless of the size of his penis! They added that the sophisticated urinal is truly game-changing and a possible replacement for the common toilet.

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