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From Roots to Grateful Operation.

Buzz will eventually cool, the spotlight will fade, and over time, even the most meticulous Manscaping Service will have to prove its worth or be mitigated to the background noise of a city's other hair removal services. It's no surprise that over the years JC has managed to excel even under the weight of tremendous expectations, but to take the Grooming Services' success for granted is to belittle the lengths to which The Shavemster has gone to create one of St. Louis' and many other cities defining Manscaping experiences. Though the creation came about from a most unusual beginning in a motel room of a San Antonio hotel chain ... and with great uneasiness, JC took pains to get to know the needs and special desires of clients — In this sense, the Grooming Service is less his conception of what grooming should be and more an ongoing conversation between the clients and the local styles and trends. The result is a lovely fusion of what JC has learned and adapted throughout his journey and the bounty of Cities it serves. Add warm and helpful yet impeccable service under JC watchful eye ... serve in adaptable setting your place or his studio. or smack-dab in the middle of the city's posh hotels for the visiting business clientel, and you'll understand why there is so much hype about The Shavemster —and why it succeeds. www.THESHAVEMSTER 407-494-7425

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