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But, just how importation are looks to a gay man in search of WHATEVER?

My random and collective research findings resonate with the same status quo ... They would be “lying” if they said how someone's face and body looks weren’t important to them.

“They wish they could be quoted on the record saying 'looks don't mean anything to me, I'm not superficial' but ... however, the opposite is true that looks are very important to them in all areas of WHATEVER.

"They are looking for a SOMEONE that probably only fits a relatively narrow definition of attractiveness, to be honest."

What gay men really want – not just what they’re willing to say they want are Qualities that were compared to the qualities of what they say is attractive (‘implied’). The same comparison of what they say is unattractive was asked, to determine what attributes are really the biggest turn-offs.

Men underplayed the power of physical and sexual attraction and showed they are won over by good looks and chemistry.

Also, the power of a less pleasing appearance is a turn them off.

However, men who are overweight and too ‘feminine’ were a major turn-off, alongside personality traits of “bitchiness” and talking too much.

“Gay and bi men do seem to be more fixated on finding a partner who is fit or physically attractive” than straight men and women, he said.

There are underlying reasons for this

“For many men, whether it's because of internalized homophobia or difficulty coming out, or feeling comfortable in their sexuality, going to the gym and focusing on something they can control – and also create this image of health and fitness and vitality – which has become incredibly important.” Even the statement opposites attract does not seem to work in their world of LOOKS.

At the end of the day, everyone regardless of their sexuality and gender has the same core needs: someone “that makes them feel safe and secure and they are treated with respect and kindness.”

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