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Shaving your balls is no laughing matter. Sure, there are funny memes and weird saying that accompany this ritual, but when it comes down to it, it's your job to protect and find the best groomer for your sensitive skin in a way that assures you and your partners can get the most benefit from your freshly shaven balls. Therefore, man s keeping isn't for everyone. If you're faithful for keeping a furry bush on your front side and forcing your partners to clean his teeth with your naturally grown strings, so be it. For the rest of you, there is me THE SHAVEMSTER THAT CAN tackle male grooming like it's supposed to be done. 1. Don't Do'em Dirty The act of manscaping leaves your private parts susceptible to injuries if you're not careful. There's a lot of bacteria and gross stuff that builds up between your legs as the day goes on (or while you're sleeping). Before THE SHAVEMSTER PUTS A RAzOR TO IT we get rid of all of the smegma. A quick wipe of a warm washcloth that's saturated with witch hazel and lemon extract so that will help eliminate the bacteria that can cause bad things when bring shaved and clipped. 2. Set the Shaving Cream Aside for a Minute If you're one of those guys who needs to jump right into the task at hand, take a breather and hear us out for a second. Prepping your privates doesn't start by simply slathering an enormous amount of shaving cream on your nether region; we put a few things in place before were ready to let the razor blade meet your skin. TheSHAVEMSER Starts with an electric trimmer that's designed to do justice to the area around your genitals. We need to mow the lawn before we even consider putting a razor to your skin; this extra step will help prevent irritation, cuts, and painful pulls. 3. Be Furry if You're in a Hurry There's something to be said about having the ability to take your time and do things right—especially when your privates are on the line. If you're pressed for time and need to make a hurried appointment, just be furry. No razor is worth the risk you could run if you put your nuts in a bind against the blade. 4. Don't Go Bald if You Don't Want To WE HAVE A Lot of clients that go completely bare down there. After all, that's what our company was initially designed to do. With that said, there are a lot of dudes who don't want to completely expose their skin without a small layer of wool to stand between it and the shorts that'll soon cover the area That's okay! Don't go bald if you don't want to, but do everybody a favor and trim the tops of your tufts so your body hair's not going astray. 5. We use a Razor That's Designed for Your Balls Ever tried your girlfriend's razor on your gonads, only to discover you're left with an itching discomfort you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy? She didn't set you up for this discomfort; you did it yourself by using tools that weren't designed for your balls. Thankfully, there's a solution. The Shavemster who used instruments designed for hair removal in that junk aera 6. Protect Your Parts, Bro It's 2019. There are a million different ways you can protect your skin and body, and it doesn't make sense to leave your phallus hanging out to dry. Protect your skin after you've shaved by applying a witch-hazel- and aloe-infused spritzer that'll reduce irritation and friction after you've shaved., 7. It's Okay to Do Weird Positions that THE SHAVEMSTER PUTS YOU IN Listen, man. You're not in a competition to see who can shave his balls most attractively. Why? Because those competitions will never exist. Manscaping requires a bit of finesse in awkward angles that why there is THE SHAVEMSTER ... The more taut WE GET YOUR your skin in that area, the less likely you are to face the wrath of a poorly positioned razor blade. Were not trying to impress anybody here. We just need to get the job done, and sometimes, that means working your body into weird positions you wouldn't dare be caught on camera doing. Are you ready to be manscaped the way nature didn't intend? It's okay to step outside of the furry box and put your excess hair in the trash. Your partners will thank you, and you'll feel more confident and ready to conquer the world when you're through. WWW.THESHAVEMSTER.COM 407-494-7425

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