Covid-19 Protocol in Place

Your Saftey is important to me. That is why I am Barbicide & Rejuvenate Certifed.

This is the new Reality for Personal Service Providers, Please help me to help you. IF YOU DO NOT FEEL WELL - STAY HOME - OR CALL YOUR MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL 1.) A Mask must be worn at all times by myself and you the client. 2.) A Covid-19 Release Form Must be filled out Along with a Temperature Check  3.) I will wash my hands before the start of any session, I encourage you the client to do so as well.  4.) Gloves are always worn by myself through the entirety of the session.  5.) Hand Sanitizer will need to be used by both myself and you the client.  6.) All surfaces are cleaned with a bleach cleaner, then disinfected with REJUVENATE/BARBICIDE before and after each use.  7.) Anything that has come into physical contact with myself or you the client will be cleansed & disinfected with the method above. 

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