6 Recommendations to Look Better Naked

1. Trim the pubes. It like letting the tiger out of the cage and ... It suttley shows onlooker that you care for yourself. Call THE SHAVEMSTER FOR ALL YOUR BODY GROOMING NEEDS. 2. Build the Buttox ... let's not get old man ass. One can do squats and lunges to improve the overall appearance. 3. Body Part Pruning ... Back, Sholders, Chest, Stomach Do not shave them bare but have area trimmed to create a a stunning statement about the area. Call THE SHAVEMSTER FOR ALL YOUR BODY GROOMING NEEDS. 4. Do 100 pushups and 100 sit-ups daily. 5. Stay Hydrated 6. Lose 5 lbs. Stary with small changes . and then take off more if you desire a slimmer look. IT takes 21 days to create any new habits

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