My new salt water set up

Well, my new hobby is on the way with my Nano Cube Salt Water fish tank of 12 gallons. I got a bargain I could not refuse on Craigs List Market Place.

So earlier this week the tank cycled after about 2 weeks and a lot of nurturing and the wait. On Friday I came up the Salt Water Fish Dealer which is in a town about 15 miles from where I reside. I left with 2 new fish Humer Hummer Trigger, and a Clown Fish Trigger and live coral.

Today, in between Grooming Appointments with THESHAVEMSTER.COM I got a water specimen and drove off to the Dealer for the water test and 1 additional fish.

Upon arriving I was greeted and off to the lab area with the sample, they went for a test. Matt walked me around and we found a new Orange Clown Fish when all of a sudden that dreaded alarm when off Jon your Nitrates are off the chart, "THE RECOMMENDED TREATMENT FOR THIS IS ....!!!"

So . I ended up getting a pail of 5 gallons of Reverse Ossomious water and instructions for the first major water change. I also was told to return for more water sample test in the morning.

Out the door, I went with the fish, coral and pail of water. and a smile to return tomorrow.

Which reminds me all of my regulars need to return to get your per Labor day early fall grooming.

See you all soon again.JCTHE SHAVEMSTER

Posted on 08/27/2017 at 03:21:00 PM

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