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Why did you wait all summer? ... JUST GET IT GROOMED!

You waited all summer and now we are at Labor Day Weekend ... Last fun in the sun and outdoorsy kinda weekend. You thought about it hear about it from your friend and see it on some at the lake or gym but you still have not got your GROOM ON. Life will rarely if ever, roll out the obstacle-free red carpet so you can easily start making decisions without procrastination. Making real decisions requires going into daily battle against yourself Many folks get stuck waiting to feel "motivated" to make those decisions. These people are stuck in chronic planning mode just waiting for life to magically create a perfect moment in time, a safe cocoon of comfort' so they can finally get DO IT without too much effort. Today I want to be that voice in your ear that says don't wait any longer! MAKE THAT DECISION STEP OUT OF YOUR SAFE ZONE AND JUST GET IT GROOMED! then go and enjoy the Labor Day 3 Day weekend

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