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400 trillion to one ...

those are the odds of becoming a human being and then I have to live my life everyday on the cell phone, or the internet inbox through the streams of people complaining! What the HELL are you complaining about? When you only got one life and actually got one ... you are more likely to win the lottery 10 times in your life, than actually having one. So can we please make this read the moment you stop dwelling, stop crying ... do not tell me how you blew your knee out in high school, do not tell me your dad was an alcoholic or your Mom was a Madam at a Brothel. What, are going to wait till you're sitting in a retirement home at 80 or 90 years old regretting all the things you did not do? Please take life by the throat before it takes your throat. Go out and execute ... everything that happened has happened ... no more dwelling, no more complaining. The only people that are listening to you are other loser friends. So right now, right now wrap your head around this ridiculous gift you were given IT IS CALLED LIFE. You're using your eyes to read this go step out and do your thing the one thing you've always wanted to do, the bucket list items, or the 10, 50 or 100 things you have TRIED TO DO! THE only thing keeping you back is the other people who are judging you and who gives a crap about them. DO YOU?

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