Our new generation has declared war on pubic hair. For a long time, men have been celebrating those who conquer their pubic hair. It didn’t take long for that to turn around, and men are expected to keep it clean down there also. It’s not the worst thing. Reducing pubic hair increases comfort. It can also make you feel sexier and more confident. When you factor the thumbs up or thumb down, there are many compelling reasons to go ahead and groom and maintain by MANSCAPING the downstairs. Then again, you might have some concerns. Many areas of our anatomy have some kind of purpose or other. Is this the case with our pubic hairs, or do trimming and shaving come at a cost to our health? These ar

MANSCAPING ... A New Trend

For the majority of people, pubic hair grooming is just a new but A must-do way of life, No matter the case ... a quick trim or ascetically pleasing manicured landing strip. While the concept of "manscaping" has become a familiar trend it has been fashionable enough to create its haunting name, In recent survey men still expect more from their mates when it comes to grooming stairs. The survey found that 92 percent of respondents engage in some form of grooming, with unsurprising differences: men (70 percent) trim their pubic hair, while (30percent) go completely bare. Manscaping the new and growing trend is different for everyone with many different choices and services available one


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